Customers Feedback: Our Pride and Joy!

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Very happy with the Chillet

Long Cat Cuddlies
Long Cat Cuddles

It took a little time to get here but when it did I haven't let the thing go since I got it and I love it. Definitely worth the purchase.


This plush make me squeal

The biggest and cuddliest plush I have ever owned!

First off, I have to say a massive THANK YOU to customer service; my original package got lost in customs, and when I told MoeMoeKyun, they promptly looked into the situation and resent the plush. They were really helpful and I cannot fault them. Fantastic.

The plush itself is amazing! I currently have it lying all the way across the back of my sofa (a perfect fit) and am amazed at the quality. Soft material and so squishy, and the details are spot on and look exactly like my beloved chillets in-game! Thank you, MoeMoeKyun!

Surprisingly cute! I thought it would be smaller, but it's actually the right size👍
I hope you have a great day🌸


After a long wait, and the USPS messing things up my Chillet finally arrived! It's as adorable as their promotional materials, though it is lacking in the fullness department. It's a bit saggy in some areas and could use more fluff, especially in the detailed areas like the paws, and fins. Also it's tail came pre-dirtied D:
Thank you so much customer service team for getting my order sorted when the USPS made a mess of things.

Very satisfied with the bag, came in a week. Such a pleasant surprise :)

A purchase that pleasantly surprised me, it is a soft texture night lamp and very cute BuBu design. It has a feature where it keeps you company for 30 minutes before automatically turning off.

I also appreciate its sensitivity feature to turn on.

Super quality!

Good bag. My daughter is very happy!

Arrived way earlier than expected. (Biggest size) Is super big and love how it feels. Will need to add more fluff for personal fluffyness levels.

Absolutely amazing.

Great quality, size actually accurate to what's advertised (I think), soft and fluffy as hell. If anything, the biggest surprise what getting a big ball in the mail, cutting it open, and suddenly there was a plushie almost as tall as I am. 10/10.

Very beautiful😍My daughter loves it; it has the right size and weight.

What an adorable ducky!

This plush duck is amazing—so squishy, soft, and cuddly. It's our new favorite plushie!💗💗💗

Beautiful. My wife loves it!

Excellent, very beautiful and good size

All good. Faster delivery and better quality than in the photo. I love this Foxparks.

Corset Ribbon Ita Bag
Dolores Bogisich

beautiful bag !!

I love it so much!!


My daughter loved it; it's the right size and the colors are exactly the same.

It is very beautiful and the quality is good, fast delivery

Super cute

Adorable, soft, and high quality. I was suspicious buying off a Facebook ad, but absolutely adore the product. He's super cute, and the perfect size to snuggle at night.
Ps: the tiny little horns are soon cute

Very high quality

Plushie was very well made, extremely soft, and is absolutely adorable.