Chillet Palworld Plush Toy | Limited Edition 🔥

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Chillet: The first miniboss in your collection!

Grab your very own Chillet Plushie today and dive into a world of joy! This plushie captures hearts, sparks imaginations, and promises endless cuddles. Watch as it perches proudly on your shelf or snuggles into your arms, ready to accompany you on every indoor adventure. With eyes that sparkle with adventure and a tail that wags with stories untold, the Chillet is your perfect plush Pal! Don't miss out on the snuggles and smiles that only a Chillet can bring!

Size: 33cm

Key features

Handmade plush Pal

Crafted from 100% PP Cotton

Eases stress

Collect them all!

* Sizes may vary by a few centimeters due to the nature of compressed polypropylene cotton filling.
** Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

How to wash:

Our plushies are designed to make washing a breeze. Follow this simple guide for effective plushie cleaning:

  • Opt for the gentlest washing machine cycle available.
  • Use cold water and a mild detergent to wash your plushie.
  • For disinfection, choose warm water or consider a laundry sanitizer, safe for both whites and colors (unlike chlorine bleach).
  • If your plushie is small, placing it in a duvet cover or laundry mesh bag is a great idea. Padding the washing machine drum with towels provides extra protection.
  • For the best drying results, air-dry your plushie. To fluff up the fur when it's just damp, use a hairdryer on low heat.

Possible Wrinkles on Your Plushie: A Quick Guide

Our plushies come in various shapes and sizes, and to offer you affordable shipping, we sometimes vacuum pack them. This may result in lumps and wrinkles upon unpacking, but worry not. These wrinkles naturally ease out over time once your plushie is out of the packaging. On average, they return to their normal state within 2-3 days. For a quick fix, give your plushie a good shake and a gentle pat down to help the lumps ease out.

  • PP cotton is absolutely hygienic, resistant to decay, and immune to fungi and microbes.

  • It repels dirt and dust and is never infested by moths.

  • The fiber poorly absorbs moisture and dries quickly if water happens to penetrate.

  • The toys are easy to clean, durable, and, most importantly, incredibly cozy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Nikolina Pawlik
Very Cute~

I got my Chillet and besides a minor mistake, its perfect. i am very happy, i currently own 3 Chillets, 2 Plush Toy Chillets and one BIG Chillet!
best noodle! much worth~


Really cute! A few small imperfections but otherwise very well made.


Product was perfect! The shipping details and tracking could use some improvement.

Guillaume Calvet


Chillet Plush

The chillet plush is so adorable. Great product, fast delivery, I’ll definitely buy again from you !